Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Helpers

The Children of the Orphanage are eager helpers as well as mimicking many of the adults.

             Gabriel on his "cell phone".                                  

          Michael wielding a big hammer.

As we begin to work on the wood truss structure for the roof, the local lumber continues to be a challenge with its irregularities in size, and some severe bows & bends. “Stay Calm and Plane On”.

The Bishop has decided he would like the house directly inside the front gate, a real compliment, but requires moving some large piles of sand and rock ballast. No problem with good help from Daudi and Zachery.

The house will be painted for weather protection and appearance. A color similar to the clay soil houses will be used to resemble the typical construction in order for it to be “accepted” … sort of a Swahili HOA you might say.

It has rained every day but only in the late afternoons and with heavy cloud build up as a 30 min warning sign. It helps cool off the days though, and we've adjusted our work schedule to account for this timing.

Door panel and a window panel completed

Light weight individual panels ... a plus to construction / assembly.

Two panels chemically “welded” together to create side wall. This welding process will be used for all connections to increase strength and insure weather tight construction.

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